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Temp-A-Tron Inc: HVAC Contractors Since 1977

Keeping Our Community Cooled Down, and Warmed Up

Founded in 1977 by two brothers in Purcellville, VA, Temp-A-Tron Inc has continued to be a family owned and run business ever since. Growing exponentially since then, with a full staff of highly trained HVAC professionals, we provide a broad range of installation, repair, and maintenance for heating and cooling systems of all designs. We are a member of the Rheem Team from Rheem as well as specializing in Geothermal heating and cooling systems. While we have grown quite a lot since 1977 we have not lost sight of our family values, and we continue to take great care of all of our customers.

As fully licensed and insured HVAC contractors, we are able to provide comprehensive services on any and all heating and cooling systems, new and old, no matter the brand and model. We have remained consistently educated and trained in the latest technology and methodologies to ensure your heating and cooling systems function exactly as they should, like new.

Thank You For Supporting Temp-A-Tron Inc For Over 40 Years

Client Testimonials

As we have grown and expanded services over the past 40+ years, we have gained a tremendous amount of friends in our community. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

“Temp-A-Tron has saved me twice now during some really cold weather. When we first moved to Purcellville last year, our furnace failed during an extreme cold spell. They were very quick to respond and diagnose the problem and work with me to replace the old one. Now, a year later, my new furnace failed during the recent cold spell, and Temp-A-Tron answered very early on a Saturday morning. A technician quickly returned the call and diagnosed the problem over the phone and walked me through very specific steps to correct the problem, which ultimately saved me over $300 and an emergency service call. This company is first-class and I would recommend to anyone looking for a good HVAC company.” -David S.

“Temp-A-Tron replaced my unit a few years ago. It went out at the hottest time of the summer. They came out and diagnosed it and were quick to replace the system. After 3 years we have had no problems with the unit at all. Everyone was very friendly and helpful during their busy time of year.” -Debi B.

We just needed our HVAC system checked to make sure all was is order. It hadn’t been looked at in 2 years. The person on the phone was delightful to understand my needs and get an appointment scheduled within a week. I got a reminder! The technician was prompt and courteous and also a delight to work with. A good balance of professional conversation and working to establish a relationship with us as a future customer (when we will need some type of repair). Highly recommend!-Nancy S.

“Thank you Temp-A-Tron for the years of service you have provided. We have always been pleased with your response and performance. Staff is professional and the office staff has always been especially helpful and accommodating.” -Patricia B.

“I’m very satisfied with Temp-a-Tron. An aux unit for one of my heat pumps stopped working. Knowing I’d be without heat if the outside temperature fell below the heat pumps capabilities without the aux unit, these guys were responsive and came over right away. The problem was quickly identified and the repairman showed me the broken part, why it broke and spent time explaining to me how it works. He didn’t have the part with him but called his coworker who quickly drove over with the necessary replacement part. Total cost was exactly what he estimated the repair would be.” -David F.

“Dear Temp-A-Tron, I really like you. At first we talked on the phone and you told me how much it costs by the hour. That was nice. Then the technician came to my house, when you said they would. That was also nice. He fixed my thermostat. And didn’t even try to sell me a new AC system. 10/10.” -Thomas M.

We look forward to helping keep your homes cooled down, and warmed up at all the right times, for years to come.

If you’re experiencing problems with your heating and cooling systems, or wish for a more efficient HVAC system at home, then contact us today!

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